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Labs clinic Cryoskin helps slow the ageing process and is a result of science and research which have been in development for more than twenty years.

NO pain, No needles, No Surgery

NO time off needed

NO recovery time necessary

NO dangerous side effects

Rid of the fat where you want

A treatment that removes fat cells

Experienced professional Clinicians

Labsclinic are proud to offer the latest innovation in the rejuvenation and skincare market using this revolutionary technology. The treatment takes minutes to perform with fast results which continue to develop over the course of a few days. Labsclinc use only the best and most advanced packaging to preserve the precious ingredients without using potentially harmful chemicals.

Cryoskin can deliver outstanding results fast, creating a youthful smooth appearance, reducing and even removing wrinkles and tightening the pores, without using damaging ingredients such as paragons, alcohol, perfumes or silicone. The Cryos system is 100% natural using two strains of plant stem cells to regenerate your skin, combining its purities with freezing temperatures of -20°C.

The speed of lipoglaze results vary from person to person. Some clients have seen a reduction in body fat in the treated area within 48 hours. This is dependant on how quickly your body can process the cells.

LABS Clinic has brought this high end celebrity treatment to the Midlands. See the video of Debra Robson from Lovelite UK, talking about the lipoglaze technology.

The Treatment is Completely Non-Invasive and Available for Both Men and Women

The Advantages

Cryoskin is a treatment which takes minutes to perform with fast and ongoing results which has been used by cosmetic professionals for a number of years. Cold actuates the surface microcirculation increasing skin toxicity and creates a phenomenon of superconductivity. Please refer to the table below to compare the benefits of using Cryoskin from Labclinics over other products:

Cryo Skin Care Botulinum Toxic
Results Instant Up to 72 Hours – 2 Weeks
Ingredients Organic Botulinum toxin
Safety Very Safe Side Effects
Frequency Monthly 3-6 Months
Area All over the face and body All over the face and body
Anaesthetic None Minimal to Nil

Prices and Getting Started

Our ICE Facial treatment costs just £50 and lasts for up to 28 days, or you can take advantage of booking 3 treatments for just £130!

Please complete the form below to book your free consultation to establish your exact requirements, or call us now on 020 7993 2258 or 01604 629509 to arrange a convenient appointment.


Read our Cryo Skin FAQs for more information

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