Labs Clinic has unrivalled ability to help you get the body and skin you have always wanted. It is a clinic with an extensive history and a highly professional team of specialists who work only with the result driven hi-tech innovative treatments.

Based on the latest science from Harley Street, not only can we reduce stubborn areas of fat via ‘LipoGlaze’, but also treat various skin conditions with the latest plasma technology treatment “I Lift”, Radiofrequency treatment and a CryoPentm.

And, because LABS Clinic was developed by Lee Andrew, a leading Fitness and Nutrition expert, specialising in body sculpting. Post-treatment we can also offer client’s bespoke lifestyle advice to help you make long-term changes.

Don’t take our word for it!

We let our happy customers do the talking.

* Results may vary from person to person.

I promised I would drop you a brief testimonial , happy to give a more detailed one after I visited you to see how Thursday’s treatment went. After searching on the website for people to carry out this treatment I was immediately drawn to Lab’s clini…

Having met Lee at Boot camp I was impressed by his knowledge and dedication when it comes to fitness and training. I decided then to try Lipoglaze and get rid off the last stubborn pouches on my stomach and my knees that were there since my pregnancy…

The best words that I would use to describe the treatment are ‘it definitely works without a doubt’. Before the treatment I was on a diet and exercise regime for three months although the weight is dropping but the measurement on the waist line does …

Celebrities in our clinics

Tom Peace

Louise Thompson

Nicola Mclean

Binky Filstead

Lillie Lexie Gregg

Luisa Zissman

Lewis Bloor

Casey Batchelor

Labs Clinic

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